“All water is holy water.”
Rajiv Joseph, Animals Out of Paper

When you drink a glass of water, you likely don’t give much thought to what’s really in the water. Most people don’t want to know and either can’t be bothered or don’t have time to find out.

That reality is exactly why the planet’s water supply is now mostly polluted. It’s a species wide abdication of responsibility and it’s only in the last few years that modern science has finally started looking at the destruction going on in the oceans, lakes, rivers and ground water. Practically every source of water has been poisoned because people thought there was so much of it that our individual sins would never be found out. In addition, the pH balance of our surface water is becoming chemically acidic as it was before there was complex life on earth. In other words, before earth’s water could support complex life forms.

But what is fresh clean water in its natural untreated state and where can you get some? The chemical formula for water is one Hydrogen molecule linked to two Oxygen molecules. However, that’s not what we drink even when we’re drinking distilled water if it came to you in plastic bottles.

The reason for that is that everything on earth is constantly exchanging a bit of itself with whatever is next to it. Methods of exchange include erosion, evaporation, off-gassing, dilution and so on. Nothing, not even glass is totally inert but water is the best at friendly assimilation.

Water then is the sum of its core molecules plus whatever it’s combined with. In the natural state it flows over various substrates such as rock, gravel, mud, pavement, plants, animals, metal; in short, everything. As well, all living things excrete into it. All of those excretions are packed with life. It therefore follows that all water is alive – a living soup. That is until man comes along and kills it with chemicals. Those bodies of water that man chemically terminates in the environment are known as dead zones. Urban areas around the planet are growing dead zones as if they were aquatic tombstones to human shortsightedness.

Before man started farming a little more than twelve thousand or more years ago, most fresh water on earth was safe for all things to drink. Fresh water aquifers as far as we know were pristine. Once man started confining animals in small enclosures, water pollution was the very first result. You can be sure new forms of disease followed soon after.

The reason for this is that while urine is sterile when it leaves a body, it doesn’t stay that way once it hits the ground and fecal matter is always toxic even before it leaves the body. Once urine and fecal matter mix, there’s a local bacterial explosion of life. In a normal setting, there is a lot of space between one steaming cow patty and the next. When a cow urinates, most of the urine shoots off into a different area and for the most part it doesn’t mix with the cow pie that was dumped some time ago.

The last red meat you ate if you live in an urban area likely came from a cow that spent its last months on earth standing in its own urine and fecal matter anywhere from six to twelve inches deep in a feed lot. Since cows lie down and roll around before they go to the slaughter house, cows and every other domestic animal are caked in their own shit and that of their friends and family. They are contaminated inside and out. Don’t forget, just because they are coated in their communal shit doesn’t mean they don’t lick themselves or peck themselves. The contamination does not come off or out of the meat. It gets around because water in the form of rain or hoses dilutes it and spreads it around. The microbes then flow into pores, wounds and orifices. In the slaughter house, it gets spread around even more and washed into the meat.

All animal’s natural, unrestricted elimination process is billions of years old and the world developed over that time to accommodate and utilize the process. Once man started cramming animals together, the animal emissions were condensed in a way that the planet didn’t expect, hadn’t planned for and to this day cannot accommodate without health impacts for other species – especially us, the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, it took the entire twelve thousand years for anyone to figure out that animal and especially human fecal matter is bad news where human health is concerned. In the meantime we had the industrial revolution and mining emerge as human activities as well as urbanization. All of that was accomplished without the slightest inkling that what we were doing was bad for health – right up until the Black Plague in 1666.

Even then, that merely marked the beginning of a long religious and superstition riddled journey to intellectual enlightenment and the social ability to objectively examine the world around us and make progressive judgments.

Unfortunately, for the last thousand years we’ve been saddled with another social construct and that came from the Christian Bible:

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

These words spoken by “God” gave Christians the “right” to go forth and rape the planet. That translated into using the entire globe as a superstore whose contents could be rifled but apparently never had to be paid for. This single sentence has caused more environmental damage and misery for living things than any other event since the demise of the dinosaurs.

The planet is currently dominated by Christians who now have several thousand years of environmental plundering entrenched in their culture. A large percentage of those Christians who today are in decision making positions have no clue about conservation or environmental cleanliness and its relationship to health and safety. You might think that is a problem is restricted to the third world but the reality is the developed world’s last hundred years have thoroughly contaminated almost every part of the planet’s surface and quite extensively underground and below the waterline.

Most people don’t grasp the fact that we can’t restore the health of our species without first restoring that of the planet. To do that our water supply has to be decontaminated globally.

The best way to start is by using your own body and restoring that to the best it can be. Then go out and use the same philosophy and techniques on your little section of the planet.

Most people alive today have never had a drink of fresh, clean untreated water. Natural, clean water is full of minerals and full of living organisms. Some can harm or kill you, others are harmless and still others are beneficial.

Since water causes things to dissolve into it and those things mix into it, water is chemically and biologically different from region to region in its unadulterated state. When we grow up in an area we acquire tolerance for the local water. Moving from area to area means the water we drink can be markedly different from what we’re used to and can make us sick.

As well, man has contaminated most bodies of surface water, every body of water is now so chemically and biologically different in important ways that when we travel from region to region we require nearly all water to be processed before we drink it on a regular basis if at all.

The best and safest water is well water from wells that haven’t been contaminated by development, agriculture or development activities. Other than that, we’re stuck with tap water that is laden with poisons such as chlorine and fluoride to kill microbes. Another alternative is bottled water, most of which is merely processed tap water.

In a natural setting, spring water and water melting from the underside of a glacier is the best you can do. Unfortunately, the glaciers are melting fast and will soon be history.

Whatever water you have available to you, you have to drink it. Think of water as the rinse cycle. When it rains, rainwater rinses pollutants out of the air and freshens it up. The toxins end up on the ground and in the ground where microbial and chemical interactions break them down or attempt to break them down.

When you drink water, it does exactly the same thing to the inside of your body. Contaminating the water with coffee, tea, soft drinks or anything else dilutes the effectiveness of the rinse.

When animals including us drink water, we aren’t drinking it for fun. We’re drinking it so that chemical and physiological processes can take place that can’t take place in the absence of water. Adding tea or coffee, booze or sugar to the water reduces the effectiveness of the water.

When you’re trying to restore your health clean water intake is even more important because water flushes out bacteria, chemicals, excess pharmaceuticals as well as an entire grocery list of toxic chemical waste. Failing to drink water in times of illness is short-sighted and self-defeating.

There’s plenty of advice going around about how much and when water should be drunk. Here are my suggestions based on common sense:

At least one glass of water after waking up – helps stimulate your internal organs and induces all systems to ramp up to operational levels.

One glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – cleans out the stomach and stimulates the production of fresh, full strength gastric juices. Drinking during a meal dilutes the gastric juices and can induce incomplete or impaired digestion.

Water as needed after and during exercise – replace water lost to sweat. In addition, fruit can be taken as well to replace lost electrolytes. Failure to do this can result in low potassium levels and cramps – especially night cramps in the lower legs and feet. If you don’t have blood sugar problems, Gatorade™ or other such beverages can satisfy both needs. The long term solution though is vegetable and fruit juices.

One glass of water an hour and a half before going to bed – rinses the stomach, stimulates new stomach acid production and helps to prevent or reduce fermentation in the stomach that contributes to bad breath. Water before bed also helps keep the body hydrated since even though we’re asleep, we still lose water to sweating.

If you have trouble remembering to drink often enough, get your self a watch or use your cell phone to set an alarm to go off when you need a scheduled drink.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It’s also the largest organ of elimination. That means your body emits toxic material directly through your skin. Mostly the toxic material exits via the pores in your skin – the sweat glands. When you fail to drink sufficient water, the toxic material that would normally be sweated out of your body gets parked in fatty tissue just below your skin. Don’t think for a minute that those parked toxins are inert while they’re stored in your skin.

The same thing happens in all animals. That tidbit is only really important to you when you think of the reality in terms of the domestic poultry you consume. You’ve often heard that if you’re trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat the skin. Well, the other problem with the skin is that that’s where most of the chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese store the drugs and hormones they were given to keep them superficially healthy while being fed fake food designed to force grow your meal. When you eat the skin, you’re eating their excess medications and poison residues. It didn’t rinse out of them and it’s going to be harder to rinse out of you because it’s now been redefined chemically and physically to fit interstacial spaces inside a body. These are the spaces between cells and inside cells; nooks and crannies in other words and we are full of those so there are plenty of parking spots to go around.

Essentially, skin is a toxic soup. Since your skin is as well, your best defence is to not eat skin and to drink your water when you should and hold the coffee.

Health restoration relies on you drinking enough water to rinse out the toxins stored everywhere in your body. If you don’t drink enough, your healing process will be slower than it could be and incomplete.

Supposing you had to live in and breath our contaminated water?

Imagine you are a fish.

Pollution in water has an odour. The odour swirls around in the currents and circles back on itself in countless ways. While you the fish can detect the pollution, after a while, you have no idea which way to turn to avoid it because soon it’s everywhere. If it’s really bad you die. Sometimes quickly; sometimes not.

In the lower 48 states of the U.S. there are no major fresh water bodies of water left that do not include fish dying of cancer. If you live there, you’re drinking the same water and trying to stay healthy.

Cancer in a fish is not natural. It’s the eventual result of chemical runoff – especially oil based products from transportation. We have yet to figure out how to avoid contaminating our water and air every time we take some form of transportation that isn’t walking or riding a horse. Even bicycles lose oil to the environment.

All fish become prey for something else at some point. Very few die of “old age”. Consequently the least lively get eaten first. The least lively are the least healthy. Cancer takes a long time to manifest itself so before cancer can become a full-blown disease in a fish, the fish has been disabled to the point it gets eaten.

That’s the way it used to work. Now, so many fish have cancer and other man-induced illnesses that sick fish can live long enough to manifest cancer. There aren’t enough predators left to eat all the sick prey. That means they can live long enough to breed in that condition. That in turn means cancer can become hereditary in a species for which it was formerly impossible. That gives you some idea how important it is to get the chemicals out of the environment and out of the bodies of living things.
Since all domestic animals are fed hormones as well as antibiotics, the hormones are both in the meat and excreted. That means there’s a steady stream of hormones invading water supplies. In some areas fish are changing sex to the degree that all of the fish are of a single sex and can’t reproduce. But that’s just fish right?

Maybe. But you might want to consider this. In recent years the number of homosexuals per capita has increased dramatically and at the same time the same thing has happened in animal populations. Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon and exists on some level in virtually every species. There’s nothing remarkable about it but for the fact that there are way more homosexual humans now than biology tells us there should be. It’s got to be what’s in the water and what’s in the feed.

More striking is how fast humans are getting taller: the number of people growing to the range of seven feet tall and more has increased to the point where many North Americans look like basketball players but aren’t.

While you may think that a sick fish has nothing to do with your condition, I hope the above very simple examples help you see that your illness is not confined to you and that the illness of the fish is not confined to the fish. It’s a complicated situation that’s becoming more deadly all the time.

We are all connected by water. We owe it to ourselves and all life on the planet to keep it clean and work towards restoring its former pristine condition.

In other words, we all need to focus our attention on what the Chemical Industries are currently getting away with.


What we don’t know about what oil and chemical companies are doing is killing everything. We have to start applying heavy pressure on politicians to put a moratorium on the way chemicals are brought to market world-wide with onerous penalties attached as a deterrent.

Think about this: folk lore in the western United States tells us that anyone caught contaminating a water hole was hung. That is how serious we are going to have to learn to be about what happens to the planet’s water.









“You can’t play Monopoly without reading the instructions and understanding them first.”                                                                                                                                                                              

We start with the Criminal Code because, just like the rules for Monopoly, the Criminal  Code is the set of instructions by which the medical game is played. You can’t win at any game unless you know the rules; you can only lose.”

John Newell

When you have some sort of accident, you are rushed to hospital where, assuming you survive long enough to be admitted to the emergency room, you are treated with the best medical and scientific care available in Canada.

If you have a degenerative disease or injury and need your health restored you are subjected to care that is almost medieval in nature. Generally your struggle to regain your health will be supervised by a doctor who may know less about your condition than you do especially where nutrition and other types of therapy are concerned. As a result you can and likely will suffer further grievous injury or even death at the hands of your care giver.

Luckily the Criminal Code of Canada was written by farsighted individuals who knew that some day they would face that same fate and wrote the Code to protect themselves and us from various forms of criminality that are at the fingertips of all doctors.

How the system works:

Since most people who read medical books are medical professionals or patients who will never take the time to learn how the Criminal Code governs health care delivery by professionals to the public, I’m including it here at the beginning where if you have any sense at all, you will read this “chapter” before reading any further.

Also you’ll find simple explanations and interpretations so that anyone unfamiliar with the code and legal language can understand the implications.

That is not to suggest that I’m a lawyer. I’m not. I’m a former patient whose entire family has died one way or another as result of criminal wrong-doing by the medical profession. Luckily I’ve survived the bungling, incompetence and crimes committed against me so far.

As a result of these traumatic transgressions, those committed against others and my research into environmental medical crimes committed by various levels of government and the medical community, I’ve spent a prodigious amount of time searching for legal and legislative means to protect the environment and the public from our own governments.

Only the Criminal Code is written in a manner that precludes the ability of the authorities to set it aside or bend it to their will although as you read this book you’ll find examples of governments, police and the health care system doing just that. The difference is that by doing so, those doing the setting aside and bending are committing indictable criminal offences for which they may still ultimately be prosecuted.

My belief is that these people need to be apprehended and my hope is that this book contributes in a meaningful way in making that happen as soon as possible.

How do they get away with it? That part is really simple. The reason why the authorities get away with breaking the law with impunity better than 99% of the time is because the public is not familiar with the Criminal Code and how it protects them. Neither are the police whose job it is to protect us.

It’s the legal equivalent of you and me and every other citizen of Canada being given a bullet-proof suit of armour at birth with a life-time guarantee that it will always fit and always work and then sticking it in a closet and leaving it there for the rest of our lives.

The language of the Criminal Code is worded to protect us perfectly from health care system lapses, failures, accidents and crimes. But what the Criminal Code cannot protect us against are those people charged with upholding the law and ensuring that criminals are apprehended. In short – our uneducated, untrained and ultimately corrupt political, legal and policing systems. No system can function without honest, trained people to run it and right now those people do not exist at the decision making level of any health care sector in Ontario or anywhere else. Not only that, there are no facilities to train and educate people who do want to do the right thing – and that is most of the people in the systems. The material to do it does not exist either.

In effect, we have the best legislation possible but no way of enforcing it. Our American neighbours are in exactly the same situation only worse – the freedom of speech they revere so much and make such a big deal about in their movies is long gone.

That has to change and the only way it can change is through education which is what I’m doing for you now – I’m offering you an education so that you know what your legal rights are in Canada at least. It’s one of the main reasons I’m writing this book. You the public needs to know. And knowing, the public has to act. It has to demand that our legal system function according to the law. At some point barring accident, your life is going to be on the line and if you haven’t acted by then, it will be far too late.

There are a number of sections of the Criminal Code that apply directly to the health care system including health care providers from interns to doctors to hospital administrations on up to the Minister of Health and Long Term Care.

Those sections pertaining directly to health care provision and all of its aspects are the only sections we are going to look at.

Going back to the police for a moment, it may surprise you but the police who are supposed to administer the law don’t know much about any of the law they’re supposed to be administering – especially when it applies to the environment and health care – in other words, when environmental health or human health is at risk, there is virtually no protection even though the laws are on the books. That’s because even when you alert the authorities to transgressions, the front liners are so completely unfamiliar with the laws that their first response is to deny jurisdiction. Their next response is to pass the buck or lie or both. Finally you are shown the door.

The reason for the aggressive abdication of responsibility in this area and in environmental issues is due to concern over their personal pensions. The police care more about their pensions than they do about upholding the law or you. The law is a very distant second option that cannot compete with the well financed personal, lifelong financial security they get at the end of their careers.

Their concerns are real and immediate. Any departure from what is normal in these areas brings unwanted attention from their superiors and potentially a spotlight from the media. Either could insert the famous glass ceiling over an officer’s career trajectory or worse.

When you peel away the onion skin of bafflegab to find out why the police don’t act what you find is a solidly entrenched old boy’s relationship that is older than both the US and Canada. That old boy’s network includes politicians, senior civil servants in the legal system and the medical profession. There are other relationships of course but they’re outside this discussion.

This old boy system is powerful and has its hand on the controls of the entire system. It not only interprets the law, it decides whether or not the law will or will not be obeyed regardless of how valid it is. It’s this system that protects doctors and administrators from prosecution when they commit heinous crimes and why it takes enormous public and media pressure to get the police to act and then bring medical criminals to justice.

What happens in my hands-on experience is this:

When you discover a medical crime has been committed, you rightly alert the police. Time goes by and nothing happens. When you follow up you discover that by simply calling the police and following up with a letter you missed a step. You also have to go personally to the correct station that has jurisdiction and report the crime. At that point the event is logged and shelved.

From there, you write to the Chief of Police where your criminal report is accepted, logged and dismissed again.

After allowing some weeks for there to have been police action you call again to follow up only to find that no-one remembers the incident. But it’s logged.

When you phone and ask why your crime report is not being investigated you are told:

There was no motive so it can’t be investigated;

As it turns out, you have read the criminal code so you know the officer representing the Chief of Police is lying or totally stupid and inform him or her with a detailed response citing the appropriate language within the criminal code which explicitly does not require a motive for this type of crime. The officer promises to have another look at it, hangs up and pretends the incident never happened – as far as you know.

In reality, the incident is discussed in the Chief’s office and a decision is made that should the person continue to follow up, there are further arguments to defuse the situation and induce the person to give up.

Happily their arguments (obstructions) are put in writing and signed and mailed to you Police Headquarters letterhead so that there can be no doubt the Police Chief’s Office – his personal staff, intentionally and routinely obstructed justice on his behalf and used his letterhead to do it. Can these crimes be happening so routinely without his knowledge? Not in this lifetime.

There is no corroborating evidence – is the next lie.

As it happens, your case was recorded on TV and in major newspapers. The victims have been interviewed on camera and told their stories. There are medical records for each and every one of them. The victims are real, their evidence is irrefutable.

A person who was not directly affected by the crime does not have a legal complaint.

If this were true, no one could call in that a person had been shot unless they could induce the dead person to call before they leave for the after life. Then the police will accept the crime report and investigate – but it depends.

The crime should be reported to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario as the regulatory body.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons does not have jurisdiction and the police know that. But the police refer all medical crimes to the College first which is a form of obstruction of justice.

The last lie you’ll be told is, and I quote:

“I am sure you can appreciate that the Service is not at liberty to share police information with you, I can, however assure you that the matter is being dealt with appropriately.”

This last lie is written by a police lawyer so you know it’s a lie.

A follow-up call six weeks later reveals that yes indeed it was certainly a lie and that there was no police investigation. You reported the perfect crime.

From there you have to have down time to figure out what to do so that the public finds out and the media joins in. Neither of these two initiatives is as easy as you’d think. The victims have been paid off and gagged. Eventually you decide that the internet is the route to go because by using it your distribution increases exponentially. It starts slowly and grows like a snowball rolling downhill. And it can live forever to haunt the criminals.


Here’s how the criminal code applies to medical crimes:

Surgical operations

45. Every one is protected from criminal responsibility for performing a surgical operation on any person for the benefit of that person if

(a) the operation is performed with reasonable care and skill; and
(b) it is reasonable to perform the operation, having regard to the state of health of the person at the time the operation is performed and to all the circumstances of the case.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 45.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the surgeon performing the operation is not performing the right operation, not doing the operation properly or without due care, then that doctor is not protected from prosecution. His or her team is protected by this section as well. However they aren’t protected either if they are party to or witness infractions and fail to take corrective actions to protect the patient. The surgical team also includes the people who perform administrative functions that pertain to the surgery. Motive in such cases is irrelevant.
duties tending to the preservation of life
Duty of persons to provide necessaries

215. (1) Every one is under a legal duty

(c) to provide necessaries of life to a person under his charge if that person
(i) is unable, by reason of detention, age, illness, mental disorder or other cause, to withdraw himself from that charge, and
(ii) is unable to provide himself with necessaries of life.
(2) Every one commits an offence who, being under a legal duty within the meaning of subsection (1), fails without lawful excuse, the proof of which lies on him, to perform that duty, if

(a) with respect to a duty imposed by paragraph (1)(a) or (b),
(i) the person to whom the duty is owed is in destitute or necessitous circumstances, or
(ii) the failure to perform the duty endangers the life of the person to whom t he duty is owed, or causes or is likely to cause the health of that person to be endangered permanently; or

(b) with respect to a duty imposed by paragraph (1)(c), the failure to perform the duty endangers the life of the person to whom the duty is owed or causes or is likely to cause the health of that person to be injured permanently.

No person in Canada is exempt from this law if these conditions are applicable. In a medical setting, the conditions are governed explicitly, completely by this law. However, in reality, the law is almost never invoked. The Old Boy’s network that includes the College kicks in and a curtain drops between the public and the offender. Only rarely is the offender’s action scrutinized and even more rarely are any sanctions or punishment imposed. Again, no motive is required for such a crime to be understood to have occurred.
Since you now know how imperfect an understanding police officers have of the criminal code it should come as no surprise that they have a little book that’s published annually that they carry around with them to help them understand and interpret the law. This journal is called Martin’s Ontario Criminal Code – Police Edition.
The interesting thing about this dandy little book is that it doesn’t contain any language that would help the police understand the plain English that Sections 215 – 217.1 are written with. These sections aren’t used or are used so infrequently or are so clear that no further explanation is required. Either way, the police don’t get it.

On the other hand, the legislators clearly had something in mind when they appended the following to Section 215:

(3) Every one who commits an offence under subsection (2)

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; or

(b) is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding eighteen months.

The legislators recognized the potential for medical crime and there was no reference to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario giving them jurisdiction to assume responsibility when a medical crime has been committed.

Duty of persons undertaking acts dangerous to life

216. Every one who undertakes to administer surgical or medical treatment to another person or to do any other lawful act that may endanger the life of another person is, except in cases of necessity, under a legal duty to have and to use reasonable knowledge, skill and care in so doing.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 198.

Section 216 defines the legal responsibility of doctors and especially police, firefighters, surgeons and paramedics who commonly have reason to assist or otherwise provide aid in life-threatening circumstances and requires that a level of skill be used that is defined within each profession.

Duty of persons undertaking acts

217. Every one who undertakes to do an act is under a legal duty to do it if an omission to do the act is or may be dangerous to life.
R.S., c. C-34, s. 199.

Section 217 is the same as Section 216 in its requirements but extends responsibility to all functioning members of the public. To fail to help someone whose life is threatened is illegal in this country. Of course there can be extenuating circumstances but you’d better have a good story.
Duty of persons directing work

217.1 Every one who undertakes, or has the authority, to direct how another person does work or performs a task is under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task.
2003, c. 21, s. 3.

Again, no motive is required for a crime to be understood to have occurred although there may in fact be a motive.

Section 217.1 is vital to the safe delivery of health care services. This section applies not only to front line medics, it applies to the entire infrastructure of the health care system and it extends to the pharmaceutical industry as well.

That means administrators are required to monitor and record the workmanship of the health care providers within their jurisdiction to make sure that an acceptable level of skill is maintained and to keep the potential for accidents, errors and omissions to as close to zero as possible.

The legal mandate and requirement is dictated by these words within Section 217: prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task. It is not possible to protect patients from a medical skill deficiency or incompetence without accurate, detailed recording and monitoring.

Transparency and the law:

Since we know thanks to Section 217 that our health care infrastructure is required to record and monitor the work of health care professionals it follows that none of the recordings or monitorings are worth much if the people whose lives are at risk to the system don’t know that their safety needs are not being met. There is a criminal code section for that too:


380. (1) Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this Act, defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any service,

(a) is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years, where the subject-matter of the offence is a testamentary instrument or the value of the subject-matter of the offence exceeds five thousand dollars;

Our Fraud Section was written mainly to deal with financial and property matters. However all legislation is written in such a way as to be applicable in other areas where there may not be specific references. There’s a legislative act that covers this. Medical reporting is one of those areas that falls under this application.

Once again, Martin’s Ontario Criminal Code Police Edition has no explanation in it to help the police figure out how to deal with such cases. In the absence of direction, they do nothing.

In the commission of fraud a motive is required but the motive does not have to be for personal gain. It could be to safeguard the reputation of a hospital for instance. Seemingly innocent but ultimately having the potential as apparently in Scarborough General Hospital’s case – injure its own patients, put their lives at risk and diminish their quality of life substantially.

In this case, every aspect of health care provision is a service and thus governed tightly by Section 380. It then follows that any representation of a medical skill has to be accurate because one’s life decisions are made based on that information. Every person has an interest in knowing that medical reporting and monitoring is accurate. Failure to disclose such information is contrary to Section 380 in that it prevents the necessary information to be delivered to the end user – the patient.

The Medical Profession’s Perspective:

When you walk into a doctor’s office, you are the big bag of gold at the end of the rainbow. The general intent is not to heal you; it’s to have you walk through their doors as often as possible so more gold can be siphoned into the doctor’s bank account.
Many of us think we have the best doctors or the worst doctors, the most skilled specialists and so on. What we really have regardless of what country we live in is a situation all gardeners can appreciate – we are the rose bushes, the medical and pharmaceutical communities are the aphids. The regulatory Colleges who govern the professions are the ants. Governments are the unskilled gardeners who are barely competent enough to provide water and fertilizer and are hopelessly blind where parasites are concerned.
No medical ministry at any level in Canada has ever had a competent minister to ensure the rose garden is kept free of parasites.
Not all doctors are doctors in it for the money. But money does have a way of changing how a person thinks, especially when protected by sanction and secrecy. A lot of money may not change how an individual doctor thinks about his or her work but a lot of money changes how a group thinks and how it deals with the pot of gold it comes from and when that happens, money in all its forms becomes the driver, not the medical issues and not the doctors who are in the profession to serve the public because they love what they do.
Those doctors inadvertently shield the rotten core of the profession from public scrutiny.

If no-one knows the laws and no-one is capable of enforcing them, you don’t have laws.

There comes a point where you have to make your views known. Your personal situation is unique or from your perspective you think it’s unique. But really you are not alone. You are one of thousands who has a voice. When one person talks not much happens. When the multitude talks, that matters and changes are made.

But unless you know what to ask for – know what you want – what are you going to say that will change anything?

This book is designed specifically to not only help you restore your health but to help you understand your place in the scheme of things so you can help yourselves and help each other improve our health care system so that when we need it, we know the care we are going to get is what we need, not what a pharmaceutical company thinks we ought to have to contribute to their bottom line.

Our health care system is still one of the best in the world but it has it’s warts. Together we can enable the system to change so that it works and intended.

John Newell
Pickering, Ontario




Nutrition – the processes by which food is converted into tissue in living organisms

Funk and Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary

About 12,500 years or so ago our diets expanded to include grains and regular meat intake then about 3,000 years later, dairy products – cheese and milk. That’s when our health problems changed from being almost completely environmentally driven to being increasingly nutritionally driven.

Archeologists tell us that around that time, life got shorter, people got shorter and new illnesses previously unknown became a scourge we have yet to escape.

Think about it. We have been around for over two and a half million years in humanoid form and our bodies developed to process what we ate before thirteen thousand years ago, not now. The foods we eat now that we find so tasty and that are so dangerous did not exist then and the foods that did exist then that our bodies need and want for optimum health no longer exist thanks to centuries of human genetic manipulation of plant and animal based foods.

Those people who think meat eating on a regular basis is what we evolved to do are sadly misinformed and haven’t spent enough time looking at their teeth in a mirror. They also haven’t spent much brain time thinking about their most valuable assets – their colons. Most people try to get through their entire lives without giving a single thought to that most precious organ – their colons – small and large.

We don’t have the dentition to be full time carnivores and we don’t have the intestinal tract to support a carnivorous life-style with the single exception of those people who became naturalized to arctic conditions. There are reasons why they are capable of living on what appears to be a carnivorous diet for extended periods. The visual evidence in their case is quite deceptive. They do get their share of plant based nutrients, just not how you’d expect.

Today we consume fake food we didn’t evolve to eat and not enough real food. Real food is plant material that is mostly still alive even as we eat it. Processed and fake food has had some sort of preparation work done to it such as cooking and the food dies as a result. So it’s dead food. No living thing evolved to consume a diet composed mainly of dead food or the chemicals used to stop it from decomposing before you eat it.

When an animal loses its life and is about to be consumed, the entire animal is not dead and doesn’t die at the cellular level for quite a long time after the brain and heart stop functioning as such. Once flesh is completely dead, it starts to decompose. Initially decomposition is a benefit for us as early decomposition softens up the meat making it tender and easier for our semi-plant eating teeth to cut through dying fibres that are losing strength.

It follows that if real foods nourish us, provide and extend life, it only makes sense to learn what the most powerful life providing and extending foods are. It makes sense to understand what the components of those foods do for us and how they work singly and in combination with other foods to enrich our lives.

Then we can figure out what the ingredients of real foods actually are in a specific sense that help us to grow, live and heal so that we can use them properly in time of need. Unfortunately, very little work has been done in this area.

You would think that in the years since 30 BC when this core knowledge was burned by Mark Anthony when he torched Alexandria in Egypt we’d have gotten around to relearning those things. But beyond anecdotal hand-me-down information in the form of old wives tales, nothing was done.

That is until James Lind, Surgeon on board the HMS Salisbury in 1747 conducted experiments that proved citrus fruits were the cure for scurvy – a condition thought to be a disease that killed more men than the wars they fought in. Scurvy turned out to be a vitamin C deficiency. Nothing more. But it took until 1800 for the reality of fresh fruits and their benefits to sink into British naval consciousness (but still long before other European seafaring nations).

After that glimmer of nutritional learning was achieved, official medical learning on the nutritional front submerged itself once more into the quagmire of superstition, rumour and old wives tales until the early twentieth century when Professor Arnold Erhet (1866 – 1922), the father of nutritional healing wrote his classic – the Mucusless Diet Healing System. This was the first book ever written to explain how to cure degenerative diseases without the use of drugs, surgery or other medical intervention that works with no side effects other than recovered health.

Professor Ehret was internationally famous in his day and you would think that the healing miracles he was performing would have attracted the attention and admiration of medical communities all over the world. It attracted them for sure but not because they admired his techniques which though simple and difficult to duplicate at the same time were clearly not promising sources of income. They didn’t understand how he did what he did and weren’t interested in learning in order to earn much smaller incomes. He and his works were perceived as a threat to their professions. Sort of like having the nagging pain and discomfort of an ingrown toenail except this pernicious pain was not in the toe, it was in the moral consciousness of the entire profession. Instead of heralding his work and building statues to this pioneer, he was slammed in the press by the medical authorities and his work ignored and forgotten.

He died when he slipped on an oil soaked sidewalk in San Francisco and fractured his skull. But since no-one saw it happen, his death was viewed as a suspicious death by his supporters who believed he was murdered.

The point to all of this is that Professor Erhet’s healing techniques were based on sound research and produced results that would still be considered remarkable today. His successes didn’t attract constructive medical interest in his lifetime or for years since but the reality is that his techniques have stood the test of time and have not gone away.

Erhet’s successes have been duplicated by many others since his death even though those practitioners probably never heard of Professor Arnold Ehret.

Now, slowly, the medical profession is being brought to heel by people seeking uninvasive healing procedures. Nutrition is being recognized as the force it really is and the cut and paste methods of the medical community are beginning to be scrutinized at last.

This book is based on his notion that perfect human health can be achieved by applying common sense to how we choose to feed ourselves.


“Always remember that medicine is a business first.”
                                                                                                                                                            Steve Carney, Five Big Medical Lies

Maybe like you I was for many years of my life a medical patient. A serial medical patient for all sorts of reasons. It took over thirty years of research to figure out why I’ve been a medical guinea pig most of my life while my brother was not (until he was killed by Vioxx, made by Merck and Co. – the ultimate in pain killers – after it takes full effect you never feel another thing).

For most of my life, if I thought about it at all, I assumed that my problems were my problems and that I was just unlucky. It wasn’t until I was on vacation in Trinidad at twenty nine years old, bending over a toilet horking up black blood that I finally had to come to terms with the fact that despite my following doctor’s orders for the first decades of my life, I appeared to be dying for no reason I could think of.

If, despite following doctor’s orders I could end up in this state – in virtual paradise – yet dying, it was time to take charge and responsibility for my own health. Surely I couldn’t do any worse than the doctors had done so far. And if I did, well, I was dying anyway so I had nothing to lose.

After that bout in the washroom; as chance would have it, our next door neighbours were sharing coconuts from the pygmy coconut tree in their backyard. After three expert whacks with a cutlass (machete) I was handed the biggest one and that saved my life. It had about a quart of coconut water in it. I chugged the whole thing and asked for more. That was a turning point.

I learned years later that I was bringing up black blood because my electrolytes were way down. At the time I’d never heard of electrolytes but coconut water is loaded with electrolytes so the perfect cure was there completely by accident right as I really needed it. That was luck. I never told any of them, not even my wife, what had just happened before I downed that coconut.

Within months of my return to Canada, I had a second lucky break when I came across a booklet about Iridology titled The Eyes Have It while I was changing into a swimsuit in a friend of a friend’s house trailer. In it was a description of the relationship between food, constipation, colds, headaches, health in general and the patterns we see in our irises when we examine our eyes closely in the mirror. There was also a diagram of each eye showing body parts in the irises so you could compare the geography of your own irises to the diagrams and start to learn about the state of your own body in surprising detail.

That booklet set me off on a search for more complete information. Back then in 1978, there was no internet where you could go and look things up. Libraries and book stores didn’t carry books containing the information I was looking for. At the time I had no idea how profoundly finding this booklet would shape my future. It became apparent only gradually.

Prior to the internet, medical knowledge was not much removed from witchdoctors and voodoo for the average person. Any family health information you might have was really based on rumour and experience, but not science. Some things worked, some didn’t. Even now that family knowledge base is still being explored, verified by science or debunked.

I did finally find an amazing book store. It was called the Fifth Kingdom Book Store and it was located on Harbord Street in Toronto near the University of Toronto campus. It was in those days a radical alternative book store that carried books on all sorts of new age material that most people would call airy fairy.

Virtually none of the books they carried would be found in a normal bookstore of the day. For example the Fifth Kingdom Bookstore carried Diet for a Small Planet, still a relevant book and one of the first recipe/diet books that discussed how to eat properly. It was full of recipes that were heresy compared to other cook books. In 1979 there was still no public concept of eating a healthy balanced diet even though it was talked about and most people thought they knew what such a diet was. They didn’t. All food was good. There was no such thing as junk food although parents did warn us about eating too much candy and drinking too much pop.

Food could not hurt you other than cause cavities in your teeth. There were no dieticians, no nutritionists and no one made their living as a personal trainer serving the public. Even trainers who worked with professional athletes knew almost nothing about health concepts compared to trainers today. When professional hockey players showed up for training camp in September most were out of shape and didn’t get into playing shape until November when the season was almost half over. If players did that now, they’d be out of a job.

Of course some members of the medical profession knew differently but they weren’t talking. Even today, doctors who write self-help medical books normally become pariahs within the medical community. They think they’re penning a game-changing book but once published, they’re shunned by the medical community. The people you don’t see in the medical self-help sections of bookstores are doctors, nurses and food scientists. Because of this, these days you can easily teach yourself more about certain conditions than your doctor knows.

For years Hypoglycemia was one of those conditions doctors were so ignorant about they thought people with the condition were faking. Even today the condition I discovered known as intermittent hypoglycemia is unknown in medical circles even though it’s a major cause of traffic and industrial injuries and fatalities. The professionals that suffer most from this condition are the police. For them more than any others, it’s fatal.

The medical profession says it’s a public awareness issue that is the responsibility of the police. The police say it’s the responsibility of the medical profession and that it’s a training and a public health issue that needs to be made public. The insurance industry says it only ever comes up in the case of a fatality and that is rare because when it does, the afflicted person is considered impaired and their insurance is declined. Politicians simply do not want to know about it because it’s too complicated to talk about without the doctors and police joining the conversation. Police don’t want to talk because they would lose their insurance in the event of an accident. Doctors don’t drive much so they aren’t exposed to the public health threat. It doesn’t show up in the news because reporters have never heard of this issue.

There are plenty of medical issues like this that.

Individual doctors were and still are nutritionally incompetent and as a profession including nurses, have the highest premature death rate due to food related causes. They receive almost zero nutritional education in med school. You can check this yourself by reviewing the curriculums for any medical university. Yet doctors, since they were in business first and for no other reason, have the last word on what sort of nutritional care you receive to help you deal with whatever ails you.

Nutritionists and dieticians spend years learning their trade. By the time they graduate they have impressive skills and knowledge. Yet as a professional body, their voice is silenced and their mouths are zipped shut by virtue of the fact that they cannot tell it like it is because they are beholden to medical doctors whose nutritional education can be measured in minutes rather than years. The consequences of this abysmal hierarchal structure within our health care system are invisible to the public yet devastating and often fatal to those members of the public whose continued existence depends on sound nutritional guidance and supervision.
The medical sector where this is most obvious is the mental health sector where people are routinely abused by omission. That is they aren’t taught what they need to know so they can regain their mental and physical health.

In the medical sector the tail wags the dog.

The thirty-five years I’ve spent researching how to recover and maintain my own health has led me to the understanding that most people can manage their own health far better than the medical community can do it for them.

When a doctor says, “Let’s try this.” That is your cue that the doctor has left the realm of the known and entered the realm of his personal unknown. You are now a lab rat at no risk to the doctor but very high risk to you. That’s how modern medicine has become the number three killer in the USA.



My belief is that the most powerful life promoting substances we put in our bodies are water and food. Not drugs or other chemicals. You know I’m right because if I wasn’t you’d be dead.

No-one can live or grow on drugs for nutrition.

This blog is the introduction of my book – A PORTRAIT OF A GOOD SHIT. In it you will learn about the properties of food and how they interact with the human body and help you heal it from a layman’s perspective. A layman that is who has put over 35 years of research into the subject. You’ll learn which foods are the most powerful to help heal which conditions and which foods will cause harm as well as what that harm is. You’ll learn how to shop. You’ll learn how to eat and drink. You’ll learn how, when and how often to take a dump. You’ll even learn what your dump should look like and smell like. You’ll also learn about about the dark side of medical health care systems and the people who run them.

For most of your life your health has likely been manipulated by your government’s health care sector. There is a lot of money at stake and your health and that of your family is not the major concern it’s made out to be by Big Pharma advertisers or even the doctors themselves.

Most food advertising is misleading or entirely dishonest and dangerous. To make matters worse we all pretty well know by now that we are being indiscriminately poisoned by government sanctioned chemical companies and I’m not just talking about pharmaceuticals. We all need to understand what we can do to defend ourselves and our families from aggressive chemical assaults by big business and irresponsible governments run by the foxes who’ve moved out of the hen houses to easier pickings – us.

Big business controls our food supply.

Our Health Care system that could play a major role in defending us and our food supply but the decision makers who govern the system are either hopelessly inept or are aggressively aligned with the chemical companies.


Have you ever heard of an emissions alert warning Sarnia, Ontario residents that local chemical companies would be emitting lethal chemicals into their air shed where people would be inhaling them and food crops coated in them? Never. That should tell you something about the kinds of people who are running this country. The government makes the regulations and sanctions the chemicals but there’s no shortage of collusion or crime involved because it’s the wild west out there and the gold at stake is in your wallet.

The system wants your money and they’re going to kill you as slowly as possible to get it. The longer it takes to kill you the more money the system makes. There is no profit in you being healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, a teacher, a welder or the prime minister, you’re fair game. Our health care systems and those of every other government around the world are crime centres. If that weren’t true, civilized humans in developed countries would be the healthiest species on earth instead of the sickest.

THE WAY IT IS – Chapter 1


“,,,just because someone is smart in one area doesn’t mean they’re smart in every area.”
Ronnie Kaplan, Race Car Engineer

If you’re reading this book, you likely really need it and may have tried nearly everything else. If so, well lucky you found it. Let’s hope I’ve covered the material you need to know to save yourself or someone you know. Possibly a member of your family.
When I started the research this book is based on back in the summer of 1978, I, like you was trying to save my own life. You’ll read about that later because I’ve used many of my medical battles as case studies later in this book.
Since I’m not a professional medical care-giver, this book won’t read like one. This book does not mince words (I bet not – you don’t candy coat nothing) is far from politically correct.
You’ll also read stuff here that is completely different from what a doctor or even a medical dictionary would tell you in some cases. I have no problem with telling the medical and pharmaceutical professions when they are right, wrong, idiots or crooks and I do in this book. In some cases I name the names and link them to the crimes. (You will learn all about shit, snot and farts in blunt terms.)
It should be no surprise to you to find that in the course of my self-education, I wasn’t always right and I leaned on my doctors often to point me in the right direction when I wasn’t. Just because doctors aren’t up to much from a nutritional standpoint doesn’t mean you can disregard what he or she has to say no matter how much you think you know. Many symptoms mimic other symptoms and a layperson simply isn’t in a position to diagnose for that and many other reasons.
When the internet happened research got easier for everyone in some respects and much harder all at the same time. That’s because while there are plenty of people out there providing medical information and self-help advice on-line, most of them don’t have the faintest clue what they’re talking about and that unfortunately often includes doctors and especially specialists.
Since I had almost no guidance, didn’t set off to write a book and didn’t have to answer to anyone, I was free to figure things out and draw my own conclusions about what I learned. Since I’d nearly died following medical advice, my thinking was not influenced by the notion that doctors were infallible. My experience was that they were not only fallible but they that they and the drugs they peddle can be dangerous.


As my studies progressed, my respect for doctors where degenerative health conditions were concerned dwindled and it took me over ten years to find a family doctor whose work I could respect.
When you look at my Nutritional Mechanics bibliography, you’ll find it fairly sparse compared to the amount of information imparted in the book. That’s because I’m the source for the uncited information and I can’t very well cite myself. You should also know that I arrived at my conclusions after experimenting on myself. That in itself should be reason enough to check with your own doctor as you go along. Hopefully your doctor isn’t a quack.
Those books I do cite must be read if you are to receive a full understanding of how to heal and manage your body. It’s pointless (and illegal) to rewrite their books here. These books are foundational to understanding the basics of how to look after your body properly and were written by real, accredited experts. These books aren’t listed and discussed for the good of my health; they’re listed and discussed for the good of yours. So read them.
When I started I had no clue that doctors were and mostly still are nutritionally illiterate. I thought that they knew everything there was to know to keep me healthy and safe. The notion that they didn’t know any more about nutrition than I did dawned over a period of years and as a result of conversations I had with doctors who revealed their ignorance in the process. Luckily that is starting to change but the change is hampered by fundamental mistakes that are entrenched in medical textbooks.

For most of my life, due to my unwittingly having lived on what is known as mucus forming diet, I was getting sick, sick or recovering from being sick. A consequence of that was frequent consumption of prescribed antibiotics. I became a junk food addict as the junk food, processed food industries exploded into a major business sector that is foundational to degenerative human and pet health. Today I’m reminded of that every time I brush my teeth because they’re either orange, filled or absent. The colour is the drugs leaching out of my body through my teeth. My doctors never mentioned that would be a very visible side effect of their expert, experimental ministrations and they certainly never had a word to say about my diet.
As a result, I managed to acquire many processed food related illnesses and that accounts for the broad base of my medical interests. So I’m an expert from a patient point of view as to exactly what junk and processed foods cause what forms of illness. No doctor can match that. Or if he or she could, I wouldn’t want them as my doctor and in fact that explains in part why it took so long for me to find a doctor once I started managing my own health.
That mucus-forming diet generated quality-of-life destroying health issues for me and my search to find solutions forms the motivational force to do the research. It was do the research or die. I chose to live. I didn’t start out thinking anyone else faced the problems I did then but as time went on I came to realize that my problems were problems faced by most people of my generation. It didn’t take a quantum leap to figure out that future generations were in even greater peril if Big Food and Big Pharma weren’t diverted from their course or stopped in their tracks. Keep in mind that this was my thinking back in the early eighties. Not many people were thinking like I was back then. It was a very, very lonely state of awareness I was in – knowing exactly what was coming and not having a way of alerting the public. Sadly, all of my predictions then are now major health disasters today.
My searches for solutions to my health problems were certainly shared by a few others and the result of this medical awakening among the damaged public was the initial, gradual release of medical information in all sorts of ways for the first time in history that has become a flood of mostly anecdotal medical information all over cyberspace. Some of it is correct and some of it is wrong as earlier noted.
At long last, medical knowledge is no longer the property of the privileged few in the shrouded worlds of the medical and pharmaceutical professions thanks to the internet and the extremely modern ability for anyone to be able to think creatively and be well-educated on an extremely wide range of unrelated subjects.
Medical and Nutritional knowledge in the 21st century is being advanced around the world at breakneck speed compared to the plodding advances hard won between 30 B.C. and the year 2000 A.D. The year 30 B.C. was when the Romans led by Mark Anthony invaded Alexandria in Egypt and destroyed all of the documented medical knowledge up to that point in history – the irreplaceable core of Nutritional Mechanics – arguably the most significant loss ever sustained by the human race because almost all of the foods of that era have been genetically modified since with no respect for nutritional or medical properties. It was all done for taste and size.
You would think that pharmaceutical endeavours have struggled ever since to replicate what was burned in Alexandria but you would be wrong. Thanks to the Romans, medical practice as we know it evolved based on superstition and fraud mixed in with a few handed down remedies and techniques that actually worked. From there it progressed on the battle fields to amputation and the people delegated to the task were butchers. If butchers weren’t available, then barbers were pressed into service.
Today not much has changed. Modern Big Pharma scientists are inventing fictitious diseases for conditions that either aren’t diseases or are simply dietary deficiencies and sometimes injuries that are self inflicted using food – fake food that is.
“Each year, millions of Americans are injured and killed by the medical industry. In fact, about 4.5 million patients visit an ER or a doctor for drug side effects, while 125,000 are killed annually by taking prescription drugs as directed.”
What you should take away from this is that it’s never to your advantage to allow someone else to manage your health once you’re old enough to start taking charge and that comes soon after you learn to read – or it should. Never trust your doctor completely. You have a responsibility to yourself to understand how your body is supposed to function. A side effect of this is that having this knowledge makes it much easier to communicate intelligently with your doctor(s) when you need to and makes the doctor’s work that much easier and more likely to be right.
Use this book as a launch pad to the study of your own unique physical circumstances where you’ll discover answers and make connections you never thought possible.
For most people, their biggest obstacle is fear of the unknown. Fear of finding out they have only days or hours to live.
My answer to that is that if you do discover your time may be short, then you still have a chance to save your own life if you use your time and efforts wisely. When I started my research in 1978 I had visual evidence that I was dying and that my time on earth was short. It would have been too if I hadn’t become pro-active and taken responsibility for my own well-being.
I’m trying to make it easier and quicker for you or your dependents than it was for me.
The main health hazard to healing using my methods is the occasional fart.
There are none of the lethal side-effects common to all drugs.
The main effect is your health will improve unless you’re so terminal you’re beyond nourishment. If you are, I’m sorry I couldn’t get this book done fast enough for you.
Don’t read this book thinking you’re going to eat a carrot or a sprig of parsley and all will be well. You’ve spent years ruining your body, now you will spend years fixing it. Also, don’t think for a minute you’ll regain your health without a serious commitment to physical fitness both in time and effort.
At least with this book in hand, you’ll finally understand the principles involved. In fact you’ll learn enough to discover some new things that aren’t covered by this book because you’ll have creative thoughts of your own.
The subjects in this book are those I’ve had personal experience with – either because I’ve had it or someone who did came to me and asked for help.
My hope is that this book launches an entirely new field of medical practice using nutrition as the first go-to tool for health restoration. I don’t see it as the be all and end all. It’s a place to start.
My fear is that Big Food and Big Pharma will use my information to corrupt the food chain and there’s lots of that going right now. That’s why it’s so important for doctors of all stripes to get nutritionally educated so that combined nutritional and medical knowledge can be used legislatively to stop the criminal erosion of the medical properties that still occur naturally in our natural foods. Without trained doctors actively engaged in defending our food supplies around the world Big Food conglomerates, Chemical companies and Big Pharma will soon destroy it.
Once processed foods and junk foods start losing customers, they’re going to start changing horses and that means they’ll focus their money and energy on destroying foods while they tell us they’re improving them. Things go better with Coke! Well they didn’t did they?
A word of caution:
The main way health is regained is by cleaning out your system from the sub-cellular level. There are various ways to do that and we’re going to examine the main ones.
In the cleansing process it is possible to “awaken” underlying conditions you never knew you had. Without the cleansing these conditions may never surface.
So for that reason and others, you need to involve your doctor as you go along. It all has to do with not only your safety and liability should something go wrong. No one wants to be left holding the bag on that one but an alert doctor can save you from yourself when you need it.