My belief is that the most powerful life promoting substances we put in our bodies are water and food. Not drugs or other chemicals. You know I’m right because if I wasn’t you’d be dead.

No-one can live or grow on drugs for nutrition.

This blog is the introduction of my book – A PORTRAIT OF A GOOD SHIT. In it you will learn about the properties of food and how they interact with the human body and help you heal it from a layman’s perspective. A layman that is who has put over 35 years of research into the subject. You’ll learn which foods are the most powerful to help heal which conditions and which foods will cause harm as well as what that harm is. You’ll learn how to shop. You’ll learn how to eat and drink. You’ll learn how, when and how often to take a dump. You’ll even learn what your dump should look like and smell like. You’ll also learn about about the dark side of medical health care systems and the people who run them.

For most of your life your health has likely been manipulated by your government’s health care sector. There is a lot of money at stake and your health and that of your family is not the major concern it’s made out to be by Big Pharma advertisers or even the doctors themselves.

Most food advertising is misleading or entirely dishonest and dangerous. To make matters worse we all pretty well know by now that we are being indiscriminately poisoned by government sanctioned chemical companies and I’m not just talking about pharmaceuticals. We all need to understand what we can do to defend ourselves and our families from aggressive chemical assaults by big business and irresponsible governments run by the foxes who’ve moved out of the hen houses to easier pickings – us.

Big business controls our food supply.

Our Health Care system that could play a major role in defending us and our food supply but the decision makers who govern the system are either hopelessly inept or are aggressively aligned with the chemical companies.


Have you ever heard of an emissions alert warning Sarnia, Ontario residents that local chemical companies would be emitting lethal chemicals into their air shed where people would be inhaling them and food crops coated in them? Never. That should tell you something about the kinds of people who are running this country. The government makes the regulations and sanctions the chemicals but there’s no shortage of collusion or crime involved because it’s the wild west out there and the gold at stake is in your wallet.

The system wants your money and they’re going to kill you as slowly as possible to get it. The longer it takes to kill you the more money the system makes. There is no profit in you being healthy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, a teacher, a welder or the prime minister, you’re fair game. Our health care systems and those of every other government around the world are crime centres. If that weren’t true, civilized humans in developed countries would be the healthiest species on earth instead of the sickest.


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