“All water is holy water.”
Rajiv Joseph, Animals Out of Paper

When you drink a glass of water, you likely don’t give much thought to what’s really in the water. Most people don’t want to know and either can’t be bothered or don’t have time to find out.

That reality is exactly why the planet’s water supply is now mostly polluted. It’s a species wide abdication of responsibility and it’s only in the last few years that modern science has finally started looking at the destruction going on in the oceans, lakes, rivers and ground water. Practically every source of water has been poisoned because people thought there was so much of it that our individual sins would never be found out. In addition, the pH balance of our surface water is becoming chemically acidic as it was before there was complex life on earth. In other words, before earth’s water could support complex life forms.

But what is fresh clean water in its natural untreated state and where can you get some? The chemical formula for water is one Hydrogen molecule linked to two Oxygen molecules. However, that’s not what we drink even when we’re drinking distilled water if it came to you in plastic bottles.

The reason for that is that everything on earth is constantly exchanging a bit of itself with whatever is next to it. Methods of exchange include erosion, evaporation, off-gassing, dilution and so on. Nothing, not even glass is totally inert but water is the best at friendly assimilation.

Water then is the sum of its core molecules plus whatever it’s combined with. In the natural state it flows over various substrates such as rock, gravel, mud, pavement, plants, animals, metal; in short, everything. As well, all living things excrete into it. All of those excretions are packed with life. It therefore follows that all water is alive – a living soup. That is until man comes along and kills it with chemicals. Those bodies of water that man chemically terminates in the environment are known as dead zones. Urban areas around the planet are growing dead zones as if they were aquatic tombstones to human shortsightedness.

Before man started farming a little more than twelve thousand or more years ago, most fresh water on earth was safe for all things to drink. Fresh water aquifers as far as we know were pristine. Once man started confining animals in small enclosures, water pollution was the very first result. You can be sure new forms of disease followed soon after.

The reason for this is that while urine is sterile when it leaves a body, it doesn’t stay that way once it hits the ground and fecal matter is always toxic even before it leaves the body. Once urine and fecal matter mix, there’s a local bacterial explosion of life. In a normal setting, there is a lot of space between one steaming cow patty and the next. When a cow urinates, most of the urine shoots off into a different area and for the most part it doesn’t mix with the cow pie that was dumped some time ago.

The last red meat you ate if you live in an urban area likely came from a cow that spent its last months on earth standing in its own urine and fecal matter anywhere from six to twelve inches deep in a feed lot. Since cows lie down and roll around before they go to the slaughter house, cows and every other domestic animal are caked in their own shit and that of their friends and family. They are contaminated inside and out. Don’t forget, just because they are coated in their communal shit doesn’t mean they don’t lick themselves or peck themselves. The contamination does not come off or out of the meat. It gets around because water in the form of rain or hoses dilutes it and spreads it around. The microbes then flow into pores, wounds and orifices. In the slaughter house, it gets spread around even more and washed into the meat.

All animal’s natural, unrestricted elimination process is billions of years old and the world developed over that time to accommodate and utilize the process. Once man started cramming animals together, the animal emissions were condensed in a way that the planet didn’t expect, hadn’t planned for and to this day cannot accommodate without health impacts for other species – especially us, the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, it took the entire twelve thousand years for anyone to figure out that animal and especially human fecal matter is bad news where human health is concerned. In the meantime we had the industrial revolution and mining emerge as human activities as well as urbanization. All of that was accomplished without the slightest inkling that what we were doing was bad for health – right up until the Black Plague in 1666.

Even then, that merely marked the beginning of a long religious and superstition riddled journey to intellectual enlightenment and the social ability to objectively examine the world around us and make progressive judgments.

Unfortunately, for the last thousand years we’ve been saddled with another social construct and that came from the Christian Bible:

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

These words spoken by “God” gave Christians the “right” to go forth and rape the planet. That translated into using the entire globe as a superstore whose contents could be rifled but apparently never had to be paid for. This single sentence has caused more environmental damage and misery for living things than any other event since the demise of the dinosaurs.

The planet is currently dominated by Christians who now have several thousand years of environmental plundering entrenched in their culture. A large percentage of those Christians who today are in decision making positions have no clue about conservation or environmental cleanliness and its relationship to health and safety. You might think that is a problem is restricted to the third world but the reality is the developed world’s last hundred years have thoroughly contaminated almost every part of the planet’s surface and quite extensively underground and below the waterline.

Most people don’t grasp the fact that we can’t restore the health of our species without first restoring that of the planet. To do that our water supply has to be decontaminated globally.

The best way to start is by using your own body and restoring that to the best it can be. Then go out and use the same philosophy and techniques on your little section of the planet.

Most people alive today have never had a drink of fresh, clean untreated water. Natural, clean water is full of minerals and full of living organisms. Some can harm or kill you, others are harmless and still others are beneficial.

Since water causes things to dissolve into it and those things mix into it, water is chemically and biologically different from region to region in its unadulterated state. When we grow up in an area we acquire tolerance for the local water. Moving from area to area means the water we drink can be markedly different from what we’re used to and can make us sick.

As well, man has contaminated most bodies of surface water, every body of water is now so chemically and biologically different in important ways that when we travel from region to region we require nearly all water to be processed before we drink it on a regular basis if at all.

The best and safest water is well water from wells that haven’t been contaminated by development, agriculture or development activities. Other than that, we’re stuck with tap water that is laden with poisons such as chlorine and fluoride to kill microbes. Another alternative is bottled water, most of which is merely processed tap water.

In a natural setting, spring water and water melting from the underside of a glacier is the best you can do. Unfortunately, the glaciers are melting fast and will soon be history.

Whatever water you have available to you, you have to drink it. Think of water as the rinse cycle. When it rains, rainwater rinses pollutants out of the air and freshens it up. The toxins end up on the ground and in the ground where microbial and chemical interactions break them down or attempt to break them down.

When you drink water, it does exactly the same thing to the inside of your body. Contaminating the water with coffee, tea, soft drinks or anything else dilutes the effectiveness of the rinse.

When animals including us drink water, we aren’t drinking it for fun. We’re drinking it so that chemical and physiological processes can take place that can’t take place in the absence of water. Adding tea or coffee, booze or sugar to the water reduces the effectiveness of the water.

When you’re trying to restore your health clean water intake is even more important because water flushes out bacteria, chemicals, excess pharmaceuticals as well as an entire grocery list of toxic chemical waste. Failing to drink water in times of illness is short-sighted and self-defeating.

There’s plenty of advice going around about how much and when water should be drunk. Here are my suggestions based on common sense:

At least one glass of water after waking up – helps stimulate your internal organs and induces all systems to ramp up to operational levels.

One glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – cleans out the stomach and stimulates the production of fresh, full strength gastric juices. Drinking during a meal dilutes the gastric juices and can induce incomplete or impaired digestion.

Water as needed after and during exercise – replace water lost to sweat. In addition, fruit can be taken as well to replace lost electrolytes. Failure to do this can result in low potassium levels and cramps – especially night cramps in the lower legs and feet. If you don’t have blood sugar problems, Gatorade™ or other such beverages can satisfy both needs. The long term solution though is vegetable and fruit juices.

One glass of water an hour and a half before going to bed – rinses the stomach, stimulates new stomach acid production and helps to prevent or reduce fermentation in the stomach that contributes to bad breath. Water before bed also helps keep the body hydrated since even though we’re asleep, we still lose water to sweating.

If you have trouble remembering to drink often enough, get your self a watch or use your cell phone to set an alarm to go off when you need a scheduled drink.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It’s also the largest organ of elimination. That means your body emits toxic material directly through your skin. Mostly the toxic material exits via the pores in your skin – the sweat glands. When you fail to drink sufficient water, the toxic material that would normally be sweated out of your body gets parked in fatty tissue just below your skin. Don’t think for a minute that those parked toxins are inert while they’re stored in your skin.

The same thing happens in all animals. That tidbit is only really important to you when you think of the reality in terms of the domestic poultry you consume. You’ve often heard that if you’re trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat the skin. Well, the other problem with the skin is that that’s where most of the chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese store the drugs and hormones they were given to keep them superficially healthy while being fed fake food designed to force grow your meal. When you eat the skin, you’re eating their excess medications and poison residues. It didn’t rinse out of them and it’s going to be harder to rinse out of you because it’s now been redefined chemically and physically to fit interstacial spaces inside a body. These are the spaces between cells and inside cells; nooks and crannies in other words and we are full of those so there are plenty of parking spots to go around.

Essentially, skin is a toxic soup. Since your skin is as well, your best defence is to not eat skin and to drink your water when you should and hold the coffee.

Health restoration relies on you drinking enough water to rinse out the toxins stored everywhere in your body. If you don’t drink enough, your healing process will be slower than it could be and incomplete.

Supposing you had to live in and breath our contaminated water?

Imagine you are a fish.

Pollution in water has an odour. The odour swirls around in the currents and circles back on itself in countless ways. While you the fish can detect the pollution, after a while, you have no idea which way to turn to avoid it because soon it’s everywhere. If it’s really bad you die. Sometimes quickly; sometimes not.

In the lower 48 states of the U.S. there are no major fresh water bodies of water left that do not include fish dying of cancer. If you live there, you’re drinking the same water and trying to stay healthy.

Cancer in a fish is not natural. It’s the eventual result of chemical runoff – especially oil based products from transportation. We have yet to figure out how to avoid contaminating our water and air every time we take some form of transportation that isn’t walking or riding a horse. Even bicycles lose oil to the environment.

All fish become prey for something else at some point. Very few die of “old age”. Consequently the least lively get eaten first. The least lively are the least healthy. Cancer takes a long time to manifest itself so before cancer can become a full-blown disease in a fish, the fish has been disabled to the point it gets eaten.

That’s the way it used to work. Now, so many fish have cancer and other man-induced illnesses that sick fish can live long enough to manifest cancer. There aren’t enough predators left to eat all the sick prey. That means they can live long enough to breed in that condition. That in turn means cancer can become hereditary in a species for which it was formerly impossible. That gives you some idea how important it is to get the chemicals out of the environment and out of the bodies of living things.
Since all domestic animals are fed hormones as well as antibiotics, the hormones are both in the meat and excreted. That means there’s a steady stream of hormones invading water supplies. In some areas fish are changing sex to the degree that all of the fish are of a single sex and can’t reproduce. But that’s just fish right?

Maybe. But you might want to consider this. In recent years the number of homosexuals per capita has increased dramatically and at the same time the same thing has happened in animal populations. Homosexuality is a natural phenomenon and exists on some level in virtually every species. There’s nothing remarkable about it but for the fact that there are way more homosexual humans now than biology tells us there should be. It’s got to be what’s in the water and what’s in the feed.

More striking is how fast humans are getting taller: the number of people growing to the range of seven feet tall and more has increased to the point where many North Americans look like basketball players but aren’t.

While you may think that a sick fish has nothing to do with your condition, I hope the above very simple examples help you see that your illness is not confined to you and that the illness of the fish is not confined to the fish. It’s a complicated situation that’s becoming more deadly all the time.

We are all connected by water. We owe it to ourselves and all life on the planet to keep it clean and work towards restoring its former pristine condition.

In other words, we all need to focus our attention on what the Chemical Industries are currently getting away with.


What we don’t know about what oil and chemical companies are doing is killing everything. We have to start applying heavy pressure on politicians to put a moratorium on the way chemicals are brought to market world-wide with onerous penalties attached as a deterrent.

Think about this: folk lore in the western United States tells us that anyone caught contaminating a water hole was hung. That is how serious we are going to have to learn to be about what happens to the planet’s water.







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