Nutrition – the processes by which food is converted into tissue in living organisms

Funk and Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary

About 12,500 years or so ago our diets expanded to include grains and regular meat intake then about 3,000 years later, dairy products – cheese and milk. That’s when our health problems changed from being almost completely environmentally driven to being increasingly nutritionally driven.

Archeologists tell us that around that time, life got shorter, people got shorter and new illnesses previously unknown became a scourge we have yet to escape.

Think about it. We have been around for over two and a half million years in humanoid form and our bodies developed to process what we ate before thirteen thousand years ago, not now. The foods we eat now that we find so tasty and that are so dangerous did not exist then and the foods that did exist then that our bodies need and want for optimum health no longer exist thanks to centuries of human genetic manipulation of plant and animal based foods.

Those people who think meat eating on a regular basis is what we evolved to do are sadly misinformed and haven’t spent enough time looking at their teeth in a mirror. They also haven’t spent much brain time thinking about their most valuable assets – their colons. Most people try to get through their entire lives without giving a single thought to that most precious organ – their colons – small and large.

We don’t have the dentition to be full time carnivores and we don’t have the intestinal tract to support a carnivorous life-style with the single exception of those people who became naturalized to arctic conditions. There are reasons why they are capable of living on what appears to be a carnivorous diet for extended periods. The visual evidence in their case is quite deceptive. They do get their share of plant based nutrients, just not how you’d expect.

Today we consume fake food we didn’t evolve to eat and not enough real food. Real food is plant material that is mostly still alive even as we eat it. Processed and fake food has had some sort of preparation work done to it such as cooking and the food dies as a result. So it’s dead food. No living thing evolved to consume a diet composed mainly of dead food or the chemicals used to stop it from decomposing before you eat it.

When an animal loses its life and is about to be consumed, the entire animal is not dead and doesn’t die at the cellular level for quite a long time after the brain and heart stop functioning as such. Once flesh is completely dead, it starts to decompose. Initially decomposition is a benefit for us as early decomposition softens up the meat making it tender and easier for our semi-plant eating teeth to cut through dying fibres that are losing strength.

It follows that if real foods nourish us, provide and extend life, it only makes sense to learn what the most powerful life providing and extending foods are. It makes sense to understand what the components of those foods do for us and how they work singly and in combination with other foods to enrich our lives.

Then we can figure out what the ingredients of real foods actually are in a specific sense that help us to grow, live and heal so that we can use them properly in time of need. Unfortunately, very little work has been done in this area.

You would think that in the years since 30 BC when this core knowledge was burned by Mark Anthony when he torched Alexandria in Egypt we’d have gotten around to relearning those things. But beyond anecdotal hand-me-down information in the form of old wives tales, nothing was done.

That is until James Lind, Surgeon on board the HMS Salisbury in 1747 conducted experiments that proved citrus fruits were the cure for scurvy – a condition thought to be a disease that killed more men than the wars they fought in. Scurvy turned out to be a vitamin C deficiency. Nothing more. But it took until 1800 for the reality of fresh fruits and their benefits to sink into British naval consciousness (but still long before other European seafaring nations).

After that glimmer of nutritional learning was achieved, official medical learning on the nutritional front submerged itself once more into the quagmire of superstition, rumour and old wives tales until the early twentieth century when Professor Arnold Erhet (1866 – 1922), the father of nutritional healing wrote his classic – the Mucusless Diet Healing System. This was the first book ever written to explain how to cure degenerative diseases without the use of drugs, surgery or other medical intervention that works with no side effects other than recovered health.

Professor Ehret was internationally famous in his day and you would think that the healing miracles he was performing would have attracted the attention and admiration of medical communities all over the world. It attracted them for sure but not because they admired his techniques which though simple and difficult to duplicate at the same time were clearly not promising sources of income. They didn’t understand how he did what he did and weren’t interested in learning in order to earn much smaller incomes. He and his works were perceived as a threat to their professions. Sort of like having the nagging pain and discomfort of an ingrown toenail except this pernicious pain was not in the toe, it was in the moral consciousness of the entire profession. Instead of heralding his work and building statues to this pioneer, he was slammed in the press by the medical authorities and his work ignored and forgotten.

He died when he slipped on an oil soaked sidewalk in San Francisco and fractured his skull. But since no-one saw it happen, his death was viewed as a suspicious death by his supporters who believed he was murdered.

The point to all of this is that Professor Erhet’s healing techniques were based on sound research and produced results that would still be considered remarkable today. His successes didn’t attract constructive medical interest in his lifetime or for years since but the reality is that his techniques have stood the test of time and have not gone away.

Erhet’s successes have been duplicated by many others since his death even though those practitioners probably never heard of Professor Arnold Ehret.

Now, slowly, the medical profession is being brought to heel by people seeking uninvasive healing procedures. Nutrition is being recognized as the force it really is and the cut and paste methods of the medical community are beginning to be scrutinized at last.

This book is based on his notion that perfect human health can be achieved by applying common sense to how we choose to feed ourselves.


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