THE WAY IT IS – Chapter 1


“,,,just because someone is smart in one area doesn’t mean they’re smart in every area.”
Ronnie Kaplan, Race Car Engineer

If you’re reading this book, you likely really need it and may have tried nearly everything else. If so, well lucky you found it. Let’s hope I’ve covered the material you need to know to save yourself or someone you know. Possibly a member of your family.
When I started the research this book is based on back in the summer of 1978, I, like you was trying to save my own life. You’ll read about that later because I’ve used many of my medical battles as case studies later in this book.
Since I’m not a professional medical care-giver, this book won’t read like one. This book does not mince words (I bet not – you don’t candy coat nothing) is far from politically correct.
You’ll also read stuff here that is completely different from what a doctor or even a medical dictionary would tell you in some cases. I have no problem with telling the medical and pharmaceutical professions when they are right, wrong, idiots or crooks and I do in this book. In some cases I name the names and link them to the crimes. (You will learn all about shit, snot and farts in blunt terms.)
It should be no surprise to you to find that in the course of my self-education, I wasn’t always right and I leaned on my doctors often to point me in the right direction when I wasn’t. Just because doctors aren’t up to much from a nutritional standpoint doesn’t mean you can disregard what he or she has to say no matter how much you think you know. Many symptoms mimic other symptoms and a layperson simply isn’t in a position to diagnose for that and many other reasons.
When the internet happened research got easier for everyone in some respects and much harder all at the same time. That’s because while there are plenty of people out there providing medical information and self-help advice on-line, most of them don’t have the faintest clue what they’re talking about and that unfortunately often includes doctors and especially specialists.
Since I had almost no guidance, didn’t set off to write a book and didn’t have to answer to anyone, I was free to figure things out and draw my own conclusions about what I learned. Since I’d nearly died following medical advice, my thinking was not influenced by the notion that doctors were infallible. My experience was that they were not only fallible but they that they and the drugs they peddle can be dangerous.


As my studies progressed, my respect for doctors where degenerative health conditions were concerned dwindled and it took me over ten years to find a family doctor whose work I could respect.
When you look at my Nutritional Mechanics bibliography, you’ll find it fairly sparse compared to the amount of information imparted in the book. That’s because I’m the source for the uncited information and I can’t very well cite myself. You should also know that I arrived at my conclusions after experimenting on myself. That in itself should be reason enough to check with your own doctor as you go along. Hopefully your doctor isn’t a quack.
Those books I do cite must be read if you are to receive a full understanding of how to heal and manage your body. It’s pointless (and illegal) to rewrite their books here. These books are foundational to understanding the basics of how to look after your body properly and were written by real, accredited experts. These books aren’t listed and discussed for the good of my health; they’re listed and discussed for the good of yours. So read them.
When I started I had no clue that doctors were and mostly still are nutritionally illiterate. I thought that they knew everything there was to know to keep me healthy and safe. The notion that they didn’t know any more about nutrition than I did dawned over a period of years and as a result of conversations I had with doctors who revealed their ignorance in the process. Luckily that is starting to change but the change is hampered by fundamental mistakes that are entrenched in medical textbooks.

For most of my life, due to my unwittingly having lived on what is known as mucus forming diet, I was getting sick, sick or recovering from being sick. A consequence of that was frequent consumption of prescribed antibiotics. I became a junk food addict as the junk food, processed food industries exploded into a major business sector that is foundational to degenerative human and pet health. Today I’m reminded of that every time I brush my teeth because they’re either orange, filled or absent. The colour is the drugs leaching out of my body through my teeth. My doctors never mentioned that would be a very visible side effect of their expert, experimental ministrations and they certainly never had a word to say about my diet.
As a result, I managed to acquire many processed food related illnesses and that accounts for the broad base of my medical interests. So I’m an expert from a patient point of view as to exactly what junk and processed foods cause what forms of illness. No doctor can match that. Or if he or she could, I wouldn’t want them as my doctor and in fact that explains in part why it took so long for me to find a doctor once I started managing my own health.
That mucus-forming diet generated quality-of-life destroying health issues for me and my search to find solutions forms the motivational force to do the research. It was do the research or die. I chose to live. I didn’t start out thinking anyone else faced the problems I did then but as time went on I came to realize that my problems were problems faced by most people of my generation. It didn’t take a quantum leap to figure out that future generations were in even greater peril if Big Food and Big Pharma weren’t diverted from their course or stopped in their tracks. Keep in mind that this was my thinking back in the early eighties. Not many people were thinking like I was back then. It was a very, very lonely state of awareness I was in – knowing exactly what was coming and not having a way of alerting the public. Sadly, all of my predictions then are now major health disasters today.
My searches for solutions to my health problems were certainly shared by a few others and the result of this medical awakening among the damaged public was the initial, gradual release of medical information in all sorts of ways for the first time in history that has become a flood of mostly anecdotal medical information all over cyberspace. Some of it is correct and some of it is wrong as earlier noted.
At long last, medical knowledge is no longer the property of the privileged few in the shrouded worlds of the medical and pharmaceutical professions thanks to the internet and the extremely modern ability for anyone to be able to think creatively and be well-educated on an extremely wide range of unrelated subjects.
Medical and Nutritional knowledge in the 21st century is being advanced around the world at breakneck speed compared to the plodding advances hard won between 30 B.C. and the year 2000 A.D. The year 30 B.C. was when the Romans led by Mark Anthony invaded Alexandria in Egypt and destroyed all of the documented medical knowledge up to that point in history – the irreplaceable core of Nutritional Mechanics – arguably the most significant loss ever sustained by the human race because almost all of the foods of that era have been genetically modified since with no respect for nutritional or medical properties. It was all done for taste and size.
You would think that pharmaceutical endeavours have struggled ever since to replicate what was burned in Alexandria but you would be wrong. Thanks to the Romans, medical practice as we know it evolved based on superstition and fraud mixed in with a few handed down remedies and techniques that actually worked. From there it progressed on the battle fields to amputation and the people delegated to the task were butchers. If butchers weren’t available, then barbers were pressed into service.
Today not much has changed. Modern Big Pharma scientists are inventing fictitious diseases for conditions that either aren’t diseases or are simply dietary deficiencies and sometimes injuries that are self inflicted using food – fake food that is.
“Each year, millions of Americans are injured and killed by the medical industry. In fact, about 4.5 million patients visit an ER or a doctor for drug side effects, while 125,000 are killed annually by taking prescription drugs as directed.”
What you should take away from this is that it’s never to your advantage to allow someone else to manage your health once you’re old enough to start taking charge and that comes soon after you learn to read – or it should. Never trust your doctor completely. You have a responsibility to yourself to understand how your body is supposed to function. A side effect of this is that having this knowledge makes it much easier to communicate intelligently with your doctor(s) when you need to and makes the doctor’s work that much easier and more likely to be right.
Use this book as a launch pad to the study of your own unique physical circumstances where you’ll discover answers and make connections you never thought possible.
For most people, their biggest obstacle is fear of the unknown. Fear of finding out they have only days or hours to live.
My answer to that is that if you do discover your time may be short, then you still have a chance to save your own life if you use your time and efforts wisely. When I started my research in 1978 I had visual evidence that I was dying and that my time on earth was short. It would have been too if I hadn’t become pro-active and taken responsibility for my own well-being.
I’m trying to make it easier and quicker for you or your dependents than it was for me.
The main health hazard to healing using my methods is the occasional fart.
There are none of the lethal side-effects common to all drugs.
The main effect is your health will improve unless you’re so terminal you’re beyond nourishment. If you are, I’m sorry I couldn’t get this book done fast enough for you.
Don’t read this book thinking you’re going to eat a carrot or a sprig of parsley and all will be well. You’ve spent years ruining your body, now you will spend years fixing it. Also, don’t think for a minute you’ll regain your health without a serious commitment to physical fitness both in time and effort.
At least with this book in hand, you’ll finally understand the principles involved. In fact you’ll learn enough to discover some new things that aren’t covered by this book because you’ll have creative thoughts of your own.
The subjects in this book are those I’ve had personal experience with – either because I’ve had it or someone who did came to me and asked for help.
My hope is that this book launches an entirely new field of medical practice using nutrition as the first go-to tool for health restoration. I don’t see it as the be all and end all. It’s a place to start.
My fear is that Big Food and Big Pharma will use my information to corrupt the food chain and there’s lots of that going right now. That’s why it’s so important for doctors of all stripes to get nutritionally educated so that combined nutritional and medical knowledge can be used legislatively to stop the criminal erosion of the medical properties that still occur naturally in our natural foods. Without trained doctors actively engaged in defending our food supplies around the world Big Food conglomerates, Chemical companies and Big Pharma will soon destroy it.
Once processed foods and junk foods start losing customers, they’re going to start changing horses and that means they’ll focus their money and energy on destroying foods while they tell us they’re improving them. Things go better with Coke! Well they didn’t did they?
A word of caution:
The main way health is regained is by cleaning out your system from the sub-cellular level. There are various ways to do that and we’re going to examine the main ones.
In the cleansing process it is possible to “awaken” underlying conditions you never knew you had. Without the cleansing these conditions may never surface.
So for that reason and others, you need to involve your doctor as you go along. It all has to do with not only your safety and liability should something go wrong. No one wants to be left holding the bag on that one but an alert doctor can save you from yourself when you need it.



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